Exclusive Samsung galaxy watch 3 reviews UK 2021: Samsung Bestseller

Two years after the Samsung Galaxy Watch, Samsung is finally renewing its successful connected watch. Here is a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 even more health-oriented and carried by an interface that is still as efficient as possible.


Before you begin reading, keep this in mind:: When writing this test, the ECG and Features of measuring blood saturation rate are not yet available on the French Galaxy Watch 3. 

We will update the test when the features are available.

Exclusive Samsung galaxy watch 3 reviews UK 2021: Samsung Bestseller

Never change a winning team. Well, not too much. That is what Samsung said when developing its Galaxy Watch 3. The novelties arrive in small touches for this new model, which comes two years after the original Galaxy Watch. Taking advantage of technologies launched in the Watch Active range, we find here a model that is even more focused on health. Electrocardiogram, sleep monitoring, blood oxygenation, the whole panoply is available here. All in a slightly smaller box and launched at around £360.

Ergonomics and design

With this new model, Samsung has operated on slight miniaturization of the case. From the 46 mm of the original version, here we go down to 45 mm. This gained millimetre only concerns the issue itself since the screen retains its diameter of 1.4 inches. Another novelty, the buttons evolve and now offer a more classy aesthetic. The famous circular ring is making a comeback and is still as pleasant to the touch as ever. The notches still feel great.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Otherwise, with its 53.8 grams at weighing and its XL dimensions (46.2 x 45 x 11.1 mm), the case of the Galaxy Watch 3 remains imposing. IP68 certified it allows immersion up to 50 m deep. However, it should be noted that these 50 m are theoretical. It is possible to wear the Galaxy Watch on your wrist when a recreational swimming session. However, it is not advised to wear it. While jet skiing, diving or surfing.

The Oled screen displays in 360 x 360 px, occupies 62.6% of the front of the case and offers excellent readability. The reflectance of the panel is almost zero, allowing almost perfect readability. As on the other models signed by Samsung, we are here in front of an excellent screen, very bright and pleasing to the eye.


Like other connected watches from Samsung, this Galaxy Watch 3 runs on TizenOS, and the operating system is developed in-house by the Korean. And still as popular as ever. Only Apple’s WatchOS offers a better experience in the smartwatch market. But it is still necessary to have an iPhone to take advantage of the famous Californian operating system. Android users can therefore count on TizenOS, its highly smooth navigation and colourful interface.

The Best Fitbit For Sleep Tracking

If TizenOS shines as much, it is essentially thanks to the circular ring adorning the slab of the Galaxy Watch 3. the case. It was added to the tactile navigation and buttons. Operating a clockwise rotation makes it possible to access all of the widgets installed on the watch. According to the user’s choice, the menu for launching a physical activity, daily weather forecast, music control, daily report, access to the most used applications, and others are available. By rotating counterclockwise, we have access to the latest notifications received on the watch. The different notches of the ring each make it possible to mark the stop between each screen. By memorizing the sequence of widgets

Circular ring refractories can use the screen to perform the same tasks. Note, however, that the slab provides access to particular screens. Thus bypassing his finger from top to bottom, and options pane is displayed. Resembling the one we find in the same place on a smartphone allows you to configure Wi-Fi, aeroplane, “do not disturb”, and “cinema” modes, activate the flashlight option, the Always-on, or access the parameters. These prove to be exhaustive and provide control over many settings. Thus, it is possible to configure Wi-Fi, applications, dials, button “mapping”, battery modes or accounts.


The Galaxy Watch 3 syncs to the smartphone via two apps. Samsung Health and Galaxy Watch (formerly known as Samsung Wear), both available on iOS and Android. To find out more about them, we direct you to the Galaxy Watch Active 2 40 mm test, which details their uses.

Uses and precision

This Galaxy Watch has a good number of sensors. We thus find a heart rate monitor, a GPS, a barometer, an accelerometer and a gyroscope.

GPS is relevant. It not only offers accurate readings, but it’s also quick to locate.

For its part, the heart rate monitor offers good results, as long as the physical exercise is not overly chopped off. Thus, it manages to provide perfectly realistic curves during a gentle outing, jogging, for example. Under these conditions, the margin of error compared to the Polar H10 chest strap, which we consider to be very reliable, is only 1%. On the other hand, during an interval running exercise, the results are very different.

We thus carried out a session divided into three blocks of eight minutes (30 s / 30 s). The watch was discovered. To be unable to distinguish the many variations in heart rate. Instead of a sawtooth curve, we had a perfectly linear curve. And if that weren’t enough, when the chest strap notes a peak at 191 bpm, the watch stagnated at 174 bpm. Almost 20 beats apart, that’s starting to get a lot. This rules out the use of this Galaxy Watch, yet well equipped with sensors, from intensive sports use.

The Galaxy Watch 3 45mm offers honest sleep tracking without being transcendent. The data collected is consistent with the feelings of the wearer.

To assess the performance of the Galaxy Watch 3, we compared its results with those of the Polar H10 chest strap, which we consider to be very reliable when it comes to measurements. We measured the running by doing a series of laps on a 1.9 km circuit.


The Galaxy Watch 3 45 mm offers a 340 mAh battery. The watch lasted three days with heavy use with receiving notifications, tracking sleep, heart rate, and daily physical activity. A reasonably average score, especially since the Always-on mode (screen always on in French) was disabled during our test. 

The charging time is around two hours for the Galaxy Watch 3 with the included induction charger.

  • An extremely fluid interface.
  • A beautiful screen.
  • Complete applications.
  • Integrated GPS.
  • Music storage.
  • Autonomy is much too light.
  • Heart rate monitor not precise enough to do interval training.



The Galaxy Watch 3 45mm is a complete connected watch. It benefits from one of the best interfaces on the market, allowing the most fluid handling. This new model even helps from slight miniaturization of its case, which is not to displease us. Unfortunately, in operation, autonomy also melted.

 Does Samsung watch 3 have ECG in the UK?


Users of the Watch3 and Galaxy Watch Active2 may use the Samsung Health Monitor app to check their blood pressure and electrocardiograms, allowing them to monitor their health wherever they go and anytime they choose.

In December 2020, the Samsung Health Monitor app gained CE-marking, allowing the service to extend to 28 European countries. A CE-marking is an administrative symbol that indicates that a product meets EU safety, health, and environmental standards. Users in the United Kingdom and Ireland will now benefit from blood pressure and ECG tracking simply and straightforwardly.

“Since its original introduction in Korea last June, almost one million individuals have used the Samsung Health Monitor app to monitor their health,” said Teg Dosanjh, Director of Connected Services & Technology at Samsung Electronics. “Our Galaxy Watch Series is a well-loved device in our Galaxy ecosystem, and we are thrilled to provide this unique service to our UK customers.”

Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 worth buying?

There aren’t many smartwatches that are as well-rounded as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Although the technology and software are better than before, Samsung still has some work to do regarding fitness monitoring accuracy. If you’re looking for a high-end wristwatch for your Android phone, this is the one to get.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 FAQ

How does a smartwatch work?

A smartwatch is a wearable computer that provides information about the user’s activity, physical condition, and health. They are designed to help people live more productive lives by providing useful data on fitness, exercise, sleep quality, heart rate monitoring and blood pressure tracking.

The two most common functions of a smartwatch are activity tracking and notifications. A smartwatch can track movement patterns such as steps taken or calories burned during workouts.

Smartwatches can also send notifications to the user when they receive an email or text message. Some watches have features such as remote camera control for taking pictures remotely or playing music from your phone without needing to take it out of your pocket.

What are the best features of the Samsung galaxy watch 3?

• It has a heart rate monitor.

• It has a built-in GPS.

• It is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

• It is compatible with LTE and Wi-Fi calling networks. (Samsung pay)

What is the best selling smartwatch in 2021?

The best selling smartwatch in 2021 is going to be the Apple Watch Series 5. It will offer a range of features that are sure to be appealing to many consumers.

It is also one of the few devices that will still support the iPhone, meaning that users can continue using their favourite device without having to upgrade their hardware.

There are other benefits such as improved battery life and performance when compared with its predecessors.

Are Apple watches a waste of money?

The question is are Apple watches a waste of money. Yes, Apple watches are expensive but they are also worth the price.

The watch has some amazing features that you cannot find in other brands like:

• It has an accurate heart rate monitor that can detect irregular rhythms and even atrial fibrillation.

• It tracks your fitness progress with the Activity app and its Heart Rate Tracking capabilities (fitness tracking).

• The watch can be used as a speakerphone to take calls on the go without having to carry your phone around with you all day long.

• It has customizable watch faces so you can choose the one that suits your mood or outfit for any occasion.