Amazfit Bip Whatsapp: How to Enable Notifications

Amazfit Bip Whatsapp: How to Enable Notifications

Nowadays, the mobile phone is one of the main forms of communication between people due to its ease of use and instant exchange of information. While remaining very important, phone calls have ceased to be the primary communication between users; From the mobile phone, we can perform many other actions, such as exchanging emails or having conversations through different applications. Among them, WhatsApp has its position of honour because it is one of the preferred and most used supports by users for the many features it hosts and for its simplicity of use.

Although the mobile phone is practically an essential technological device for people nowadays, it is true that many adhere to the fashion of the smartwatch as a perfect complement to the phone due to its convenience and a large amount of associated data. With health and fitness, you can show. And, even though it’s true that these are generally their preferred uses, these little devices are capable of much more, like displaying app notifications on your screen.

That is why, today, at Solvetic, we will explain how to display on your Xiaomi Amazfit Bip smartwatch notifications from one of the most used applications, such as WhatsApp, which is extremely useful when we are busy, and we can’t walk. Exceptional phone screen.

For this, you need to perform the following steps:


The same steps apply to all Amazfit Gts, Bip s, and Gtr.

Step 1

To link your smartphone to your Amazfit Bip watch, you need to download the «My fit / Mi Fit» app on your mobile phone. Click on the app icon to access it.

Step 2

Inside the app, click on the “Profile” icon in the bottom bar.

Amazfit Bip Whatsapp

Step 3

Once inside, in the “My Devices” section, you will find the Amazfit Bip watch for the link. Click on this option.

Amazfit Bip Whatsapp

Step 4

Now, click “Application Alert” in the list of available options to continue.

Amazfit Bip Whatsapp

Step 5

In this new window, at the top, you need to enable “Application Alert” so that notifications from your phone’s apps appear in your Bip Amazfit. Once this goes down, click on “Manage Applications”.

Amazfit Bip Whatsapp


In this section, you can also select the option “Receive only when the screen is locked” if you want the notifications to be notified this way.

Step 6

Select the app “WhatsApp” in the list by checking the option to the right of the name.

Once you are done, in the “Apps with Alerts” screen, you will see that WhatsApp has been included.

Amazfit Bip Whatsapp

Step 7

When you receive a WhatsApp message, you will be alerted on your Bip Amazfit.

It will be as simple as that to know all the WhatsApp notifications displayed on the screen of your Xiaomi Amazfit Bip watch.

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