iPhone Flip: What to Expect from Apple’s First Foldable Phone

Apple is known for pushing the boundaries of technology, and the rumoured iPhone Flip is no exception. While the Cupertino-based company has not confirmed the existence of a foldable iPhone, multiple leaks and patents suggest that Apple is working on a device that could rival Samsung’s foldable phones. This article will review everything we know about the iPhone Flip, from its possible release date to its design and features.

Release Date Speculation

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the iPhone Flip is when it will be released. While some reports suggest that Apple could introduce a foldable iPhone as early as 2023, other sources claim that 2024 or 2025 is a more likely launch window. Display analyst Ross Young, who has a good track record for predicting Apple’s plans, has stated that 2023 could be the year for a foldable iPhone. Still, Ming-Chi Kuo, another reputable analyst, has said that a foldable iPhone may not arrive until 2025. Regardless of the actual release date, it is clear that Apple is taking its time to perfect the technology and user experience of a foldable iPhone.

Display Size and Type

Another aspect of the iPhone Flip that has been subject to rumours and leaks is its display. Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed that the first foldable iPhone will have an 8-inch display, larger than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4’s 7.6-inch screen. This would make the iPhone Flip a hybrid between a phone and a tablet, allowing users to enjoy a larger screen for multimedia and productivity tasks. However, a different report suggests that Apple may be working with LG on a 7.5-inch OLED foldable display panel, which would be closer in size to the Galaxy Z Flip’s 6.7-inch screen.

Furthermore, Kuo has also suggested that Apple is considering using colour e-ink displays for the exterior display of the iPhone Flip. This type of screen is known for its low power consumption and high visibility under direct sunlight, which would be useful for checking notifications or time without opening the phone. Additionally, a new patent from Apple suggests that the iPhone Flip may have a self-preservation feature that uses the hinge to adjust the phone’s balance mid-drop, reducing the likelihood of screen damage.

Design and Features

The iPhone Flip’s design is still a speculation, but some leaks and patents provide clues. According to Jon Prosser, a reliable leaker, Apple has tested two designs for the iPhone Flip: a fold-out book-style hybrid tablet similar to the Galaxy Z Fold lineup and a clamshell flip phone design like the Galaxy Z Flip range. Prosser claims that Apple will likely opt for the clamshell design, making the iPhone Flip more compact and pocketable.

Patent filings also reveal some interesting features Apple may implement on the iPhone Flip. For example, a patent from 2020 describes a “joint operating mode” that would allow a single-screen device to be supplemented by a magnetically-connected secondary display, creating a shared space for multiple devices. Another patent from 2018 depicts a device that can fold in multiple ways, allowing for different modes of operation and user preferences. Additionally, the iPhone Flip may come with a stylus, as suggested by another patent that describes a touch-sensitive housing for the stylus that can be magnetically attached to the iPhone Flip.


While the iPhone Flip remains a hypothetical product, the rumours and patents surrounding it suggest that Apple is serious about entering the foldable phone market. The iPhone Flip has the potential to offer a unique user experience that combines the portability of a phone with the productivity of a tablet, and it could be a game-changer in the smartphone industry. However, as with any new technology, drawbacks and challenges may be overcome, such as durability and pricing.

Apple has a reputation for innovation and quality. If the iPhone Flip does become a reality, it could further cement the company’s position as a leader in the tech industry. It also allows Apple to showcase its design expertise and enhance its ecosystem by introducing a new form factor to the iPhone lineup.

While we can only speculate about the iPhone Flip’s release date and features, one thing is certain: if Apple decides to launch this foldable device, it will create a lot of buzz and excitement in the tech world. Only time will tell if the iPhone Flip will be a hit or miss, but it’s clear that Apple is always looking to push the boundaries and bring new and exciting products to their customers.

Pasito Tola

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