Block Out Noise and Pollution with Dyson Zone Headphones

Dyson is a well-known home appliance industry brand known for its innovative and futuristic designs for vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, hair care, and lighting products. But their latest product, the Dyson Zone headphones, takes innovation to a new level. These headphones are noise-cancelling and come with a personal air purifier, providing the ultimate experience for tackling pollution on the go.

Dyson Zone Headphones Features

The Dyson Zone headphones come with the following features:

  • Micro-compressors and filters inside the ear cups capture 99% of airborne particle pollutants
  • Advanced noise-cancellation technology
  • Up to 50 hours of battery life
  • High-efficiency filtration system
  • Air filtration that does not touch the user’s face
  • Personal visor with copper accents
  • Copper accented carrying case
  • Wired connection for editing purposes
  • A travel adapter for aeroplanes
  • My Dyson app to monitor air quality

Unboxing and Setup of the Dyson Zone Headphones

The Dyson Zone headphones come in an industrial-looking carrying case with a visor that attaches to the headphones. The visor is where the air purifier is located and has copper accents that give the product a touch of elegance. The carrying case is sturdy and well-designed, making transporting the headphones and visors easy.

The headphones have a see-through ear cup that lets users see the filtration system. The package includes a quick start guide, instructions, a carrying bag, a braided USB-C charging cable, air filters, and extra air filters.

The setup process is easy, with instructions provided in the package. Users can connect the headphones to the My Dyson app to monitor air quality and change the air filters when necessary.

Experience with the Dyson Zone Headphones

The Dyson Zone headphones provide an excellent audio experience and are comfortable to wear for extended periods. The noise-cancellation technology reduces background noise, providing a more immersive listening experience. The audio joystick on the back of the right ear cup allows users to control their audio without taking off the headphones.

The personal air purifier feature is where the Dyson Zone headphones stand out. The air filters inside the ear cups remove 99% of airborne particle pollutants, making them ideal for people who live in polluted areas. The visor does not touch the user’s face, providing a comfortable air-filtering experience.


The Dyson Zone headphones with a personal air purifier are a unique product that combines noise-cancelling headphones with air filtration technology. The headphones provide excellent audio quality and are comfortable for extended periods. The personal air purifier feature is useful for people who live in polluted areas and want to breathe cleaner air. Overall, the Dyson Zone headphones are a great investment for those looking for high-quality headphones that provide added health benefits.

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